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shoot i accidentally managed to smash my iphone screen

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yesssssssss i’ve been here for three weeks now and i finally feel like i did something Right fuck yeah

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i wanna hav s*x

sax? ha ha right on

hit it bill 



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"Give yourself over to absolute pleasure."

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inappropriate places to fall asleep. go.

insomniacs support group


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"I want to get across that bisexuality isn’t just a transitional state from being straight to gay, or that, you know, you just help out when the homosexuals are all busy."


Alan Cumming on NPR

I just laughed so hard at this that I felt like I needed to record it somewhere.

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- Oh my god, I hate her.
- Ah, me too.
- You have no idea who I’m talking about.
- Solidarity sister.

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